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Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Electrical Wiring


Commercial Electrical Wiring:

Commercial electricians deal with a wider variety of projects essential to keeping a business functioning safely and efficiently, not only power distribution, but data, phone, and camera cabling, lighting, and more. An extensive list of commercial electrician services is shown below.

We Offer:

  • Warehouses, Offices, and Showrooms
  • Lighting upgrades for energy efficiency (LED) Etc.
  • 1Data cabling installation
  • Camera cabling installation
  • Lighting retrofits
  • Parking Lot Lighting Repairs
  • Security Lighting Installs
  • Generator Installations
  • Building Power Distribution Maintenance
  • Power Distribution and Circuit Labeling
  • Circuit Tracing
  • Arc Flash Analysis
  • Lightning Protection
  • Surge Suppression

Industrial Electrical Wiring:

When seeking an industrial electrical contractor, it's important to look at a few factors. Our electricians are well trained in current building and electrical codes, pay fantastic attention to detail, and understand that time is money, and any downtime directly affects your bottom line. We can help you with any of the following services while keeping even the most electrically demanding plants functioning safely and efficiently. When you work with Integrity Power and Electric, you're working with a group of professional electricians that specialize in commercial and industrial applications. An extensive list of Industrial electrician services is shown below

We Offer:

  • Custom Control Cabinets
  • New Production Facility Wiring
  • Machinery Move wiring
  • Motor Testing (in field)
  • Troubleshooting Equipment
  • Troubleshooting Building Wiring
  • Production Facility Additions
  • Energy Efficient Lighting
  • Parking Lot Lighting Repairs
  • Security Lighting Installs
  • Generator Installations
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Underground Feeders
  • Surge Suppression

Residential Electrical Wiring:

At Integrity Power and Electric, we understand how difficult and potentially dangerous it can be to troubleshoot and solve electrical problems in your home. We pride ourselves in being able to quickly and efficiently troubleshoot and repair problems with the electrical systems in your home, and within budget. We offer complete solutions for you and your family, so you have all available resources at your disposal. We can provide you with all the information you need in order to make an educated decision when we upgrade or repair your electrical systems.

If you are upgrading to accommodate a new hot tub, washer or dryer, or running a dedicated line to your garage, or you want to install energy efficient lighting, specialty outdoor lighting, adding a room or garage, adding a generator to keep your freezer running in a power outage, or any other project, Give us a call. You can rest assured that we have the best interest of your family in mind.

We Offer:

  • Service upgrades
  • Meter Base replacements
  • Hot Tub wiring
  • Safety surveys
  • Smoke detector (hard wired) installations
  • Replacement of Federal Pacific (FPE) breaker panels and Fuse boxes
  • Troubleshooting circuits
  • Security lighting
  • House additions
  • Garage additions
  • Surge Protection-Phone cabling
  • Repairing 3 way switches
  • Outdoor Receptacles
  • Portable Generator transfer switches

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